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 Jane & Torrin

Hi Leslie. Torrin and I completed our lead course yesterday with Will. What a great day.  Will is an excellent teacher and his quiet confidence calmed my nervous excitement as this course had seemed a stretch goal for me at the start of the summer. The information Will provided was organized, clear and concise. It felt tailored to our goals of learning while doing and I feel confident that I have enough knowledge to begin to lead climb and belay safely. 

Thanks again for a wonderful course. I look forward to more learning next year. 

All the best 

Jane Gloor

The Woods Family

A brief note from the Woods family to say a huge thank you for the three days you spent with Naomi and her friends from Rock Oasis this week.  To quote Naomi, “It was REALLY fun and I felt like I learned a lot.”  That is high praise from her and I can’t imagine what else we could ask for from the time with you at the crag.


As observers, Pete and I were really impressed with the way you worked with the girls.  You and Steve both have an encouraging style that still brought a level of authority and comfort for the them.  It also left all of us as parents feeling confidence leaving the girls with you and knowing that they would have great skills coming out of the session.  This probably goes without saying, but you clearly know what you're doing and are among the best!  Comparing the past three days with other sessions we've had at Metcalfe, the time with you was head over heels the winner.  Naomi also loved the way you taught and found it easy to follow.  

Kathy, Peter and Naomi


It was a fantastic value for the money. Mark didn't worry about the time he spent with me, so he put in an honest 4 hours. I achieved everything I wanted. I told him that I will send him a summit picture from the Grand Teton with a slogan written on it: “Trained well by Mark Toma!”


Cheers, Zolt


Hey Leslie, 

Just wanted to let you know that Julia and I had a great time today. We learned a lot and appreciated all the instruction and guidance you provided. We’ve had the opportunity to work with a bunch of instructors and guides from around the world and so you know – you are among the best!


James and I had the BEST morning with Yonah! He was so kind, knowledgeable, made us feel safe, and easy-going. We really enjoyed our first time climbing outdoors and I will definitely recommend your company and Yonah to my friends. We’d love to try again sometime.
Thanks again! Christmas gift success! 
Rebecca Meyer


"The Trad Course was great. Yonah's certainly very knowledgeable and a great guy all around! I've had a great time with your guides- both Steve last year and Yonah now. I am hoping I can nudge some of my friends into trad too, and I'll certainly be recommending you."


"I just wanted to say that we had a fantastic day out today with Mark! He was very thorough and knowledgeable, and was able to adjust the course very nicely to our learning needs. Also, he was a very respectful and nice person! 

Thank you for all your help. We really enjoyed the course!"​


Leslie instructed a highly technical course to climbers of vastly different experience and skill levels, yet was always able to keep it fun and engaging. Her professionalism, knowledge and real world experience really impressed me. I would definitely recommend a PCGI course with On The Rocks to anyone interested in guiding, or just looking to take friends out climbing on the weekend."


Yonah was a fantastic guide and has made On the Rocks my go-to climbing guides. He is an expert on climbing, equipment and most important how to coach someone through the entire process."


Aaron and I absolutely loved the course! Mark was a fantastic guide - highly knowledgeable, a strong communicator, and friendly to have around. I also felt like we asked some fairly challenging ascending and caving questions, and he had answers every time. I was particularly impressed that despite us arriving ~50min late (we'll be on time July 6 - I promise!), Mark was happy and willing to stick around until 7:30pm to cover everything we were hoping to learn. I'd say the course exceeded my expectations, and so I'd give it a 9.5 out of 10. 


We very much enjoyed the course and appreciated the effort you and your team took to create a set up that would allow us to learn the skill set we were looking to gain. The training exceeded my expectations.


Steve is amazing!

I think we will definitely come out with you guys in the future as we continue to develop our skills.


"All I can really say is WOW! On The Rocks and Leslie completely exceeded my expectations over two days of guiding and learning. I've been climbing indoors for about a year and have always wanted to get out to the real cliffs - but lacked the confidence and knowledge to explore on my own safely. Leslie is extremely knowledgeable and a great teacher - I learned multiple anchor setups and we spent the time learning when, where, and which situations each one is best for. I also learned how to sport lead, clean gear, switch over anchors, and rappel. I'm a details guy, and even with my hundreds of questions, she always had a clear, concise answer for me. After two full days of guiding I'm feeling really confident to get out and safely lead my own climbs. As if that wasn't enough Leslie is constantly providing feedback and technique tips, and even had me hand, fist, and foot jamming up an amazing crack (something totally new too me). She had me focus on reading a variety of route styles, using brains and finesse over brute strength, and pushing way past my mental limits. I would recommend On The Rocks and Leslie to any gym climber ready to get out to the real rock - you'll come away physically and mentally stronger, and with all the skills to climb safely outdoors."


"Dwayne and I had an amazing time. Steve is extremely knowledgeable and experienced and we felt like we were in good hands the entire time. He was extremely patient. The pace was great: he provided information in an easy to follow manner, explained and showed things thoroughly, and then talked us through our own first try. He encouraged questions and always was able to answer them and provide great examples. We were extremely impressed with the course and enjoyed ourselves greatly. We feel prepared for doing some top-roping and sport climbing outdoors this summer on our own, and Steve gave us the tools that will help us to start thinking about trad and the ability to practice placing gear while climbing top rope. We feel like we have the knowledge to keep ourselves safe and know the ways to keep practicing the skills that we learned safely. I would highly recommend On the Rocks to anyone thinking of climbing outdoors and we hope to take more courses with you in the future. Please feel free to reach out if you need some reviews/testimonials for your site: both Dwayne and I would be happy to write you one and we would give you 5 stars."


[Since training with OTR], my rope management has improved considerably. A good friend followed me on a multipitch route a few days ago and he commented that my rope and belay station organization has improved since we last climbed together. My anchor building is far more adaptable. I have noticed that I can rig far more circumstantial anchor systems on bolted belays, including building anchors out of the climbing rope. With regards to gear anchors, I really like your 30 point system, and I have been employing it exclusively as I rig up belays on long routes. I have much greater confidence in my gear placements. You gave a few tips that really gave me more confidence in cams. I have always been a passive pro kind of guy, but I think you converted me. Thank you! 

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