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Co-Founder | Local Legend

PCGI Lead Guide Course

PCGI Rescue Course



Chris was born and raised in rural Creemore amidst the rolling hills, dark green forests and golden fields of south central Ontario. His brother and he had an endless playground to explore, and explore they did, wandering and wondering. Chris feels very fortunate to have parents whose passion for travel and the outdoors was quickly passed along to him and his brother. This was definitely a catalyst for his life long pursuit for the outdoors and all the adventures it provides. Canoe tripping, long road trips, and endless bike rides on back country roads were the main stay of his youth.

It wasn't until high school, armed with a fresh new drivers license, that he discovered the true potential of the area. He joined the outdoor club at Collingwood Collegiate and met a plethora of fellow outdoor enthusiasts. One of them was kind enough to take him along to Old Baldy, a beautiful limestone cliff on the Niagara Escarpment. Soon he was spending every second he could exploring his newly expanded backyard.

The mid Atlantic style of climbing practiced in Ontario at the time tested more then just brawn. Patience equipped with knowledge and of course a little courage helped adapt to the traditional and mixed routes available. Comfortable fully bolted sport routes were slowly showing up at the various crags but were few and far between.

Epics and long days were around every corner. His passion quickly became his lifestyle. After a few years of roaming around Ontario, Chris' sights grew bigger so he hit the road, in my beer bottle brown ChevyS10. Countless months on the road and foreign travel became the norm. Facilitated by odd jobs at various construction trades, it seemed to fit his mould perfectly. Work seemed easy to come by and even easier to abandon for the next life experience. After his second winter in Mexico, sampling the long sport climbs of El Potrero he travelled up the West Coast of the United States to one of Canada's climbing meccas, Squamish British Columbia. That is where he spent two years getting seasoned on the boiler plate granite of the Stawamus Chief, learning the art of crack and slab climbing. This is also where he honed my skills for multi-pitch rock climbing. Route after route stacked on top of one another Chris couldn't get enough. Foray's to Yosemite Valley and the Alpine Granite of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range only heightened his experience. A couple of years passed, starting to miss family and friends he journeyed back to Ontario to put down some roots. Looking for something to sooth the void of the West Coast climbing life style, he got increasingly involved with the Ontario climbing community. New routing, retro bolting and now rock guiding and sharing his passion with others, right here in his back yard.



Single Pitch Guide


Certified PCGI SPG Guide
OTR Milton Founder 
Milton /Metcalfe Rock Course Provider  

When I was a young lad, I was lucky enough to go rock climbing on a school trip. This chance encounter sparked a life long passion, and changed my life for the better. Since then I have used climbing to be the facet for my personal development. It has taken me around the world, to the tops of mountains, and embedded me in the hearts of cultures different than my own. In the climbing community I have found lifelong friendships. The lessons taught to me through climbing are carried with me always. Fear of heights, fear of falling, fear of failure. Overcoming and succeeding in spite of these fears is what climbing, and life, is all about. 
Now I get fulfillment from taking new climbers out. On the very same rocks where I began my journey, I get to introduce others to an activity that has given me so much. My job is to make the day as safe as possible, and to enable you to rise above fear, rise above doubt, and surprise yourself with what you're really capable of.




Top Rope Guide


Certified PCGI Top Rope Guide 
PCGI Rescue Course
Climbing guide at Metcalfe Rock since 2008 

Mark has been a familiar face out at Metcalfe Rock for almost 10 years and is usually seen along side his Siberian Husky, Sawyer. After completing a career in the Canadian Army, he has since been able to focus more time on pursuits like Rock Climbing. Mark has been a full time climbing guide since 2008, and has since completed his PCGI Top Rope Guide certification, as well as the PCGI Single Pitch Guide Course and Rescue Course. He loves to challenge people to continue thinking outside of the box. As a climber, he is still looking to improve his technique and has more recently begun to dabble in the world of traditional climbing. Mark is a unique climber in that he enjoys the technical systems used in climbing as much as the climbing itself. He is always ready to engage in a technical discussion or offer some interesting tips about the local environment. Mark is a great educator, a passionate climbing guide, and loves sharing his knowledge with others.

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