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It was a fantastic value for the money. Mark didn't worry about the time he spent with me, so he put in an honest 4 hours. I achieved everything I wanted. I told him that I will send him a summit picture from the Grand Teton with a slogan written on it: “Trained well by Mark Toma!”

Cheers, Zolt

 Hey Leslie, 

Just wanted to let you know that Julia and I had a great time today. We learned a lot and appreciated all the instruction and guidance you provided. We’ve had the opportunity to work with a bunch of instructors and guides from around the world and so you know – you are among the best!

Thanks again,
David and Julia

James and I had the BEST morning with yonah! He was so kind, knowledgeable, made us feel safe, and easy-going. We really enjoyed our first time climbing outdoors and I will definitely recommend your company and yonah to my friends. We’d love to try again sometime.
Thanks again! Christmas gift success!
Rebecca Meyer

"Dwayne and I had an amazing time. Steve is extremely knowledgeable and experienced and we felt like we were in good hands the entire time. He was extremely patient. The pace was great: he provided information in an easy to follow manner, explained and showed things thoroughly, and then talked us through our own first try. He encouraged questions and always was able to answer them and provide great examples. We were extremely impressed with the course and enjoyed ourselves greatly. We feel prepared for doing some top-roping and sport climbing outdoors this summer on our own, and Steve gave us the tools that will help us to start thinking about trad and the ability to practice placing gear while climbing top rope. We feel like we have the knowledge to keep ourselves safe and know the ways to keep practicing the skills that we learned safely. I would highly recommend On the Rocks to anyone thinking of climbing outdoors and we hope to take more courses with you in the future. Please feel free to reach out if you need some reviews/testimonials for your site: both Dwayne and I would be happy to write you one and we would give you 5 stars."

"The Trad Course was great. Yonah's certainly very knowledgeable and a great guy all around! I've had a great time with your guides- both Steve last year and Yonah now. I am hoping I can knudge some of my friends into trad too, and I'll certainly be recommending you."
- Tom K

"I just wanted to say that we had a fantastic day out today with Mark! He was very thorough and knowledgeable, and was able to adjust the course very nicely to our learning needs. Also, he was a very respectful and nice person! 
Thank you for all your help. We really enjoyed the course!"

"Leslie instructed a highly technical course to climbers of vastly different experience and skill levels, yet was always able to keep it fun and engaging. Her professionalism, knowledge and real world experience really impressed me. I would definitely recommend a PCGI course with On The Rocks to anyone interested in guiding, or just looking to take friends out climbing on the weekend."

Rebecca and I had a great time on the Lions Head Skills Course yesterday at Metcalfe. It was a lot of information to absorb and Steve did a fantastic job walking us through everything we needed to learn in a positive and easy-going environment. He was more than happy to walk us through anything we were unsure about and we never felt rushed or left in the dust on any particular topics.

I'll be happily recommending On The Rocks to friends for courses or guiding.

Best regards,
Carson Bellamy

"Yonah was a fantastic guide and has made On the Rocks my go-to climbing guides. He is an expert on climbing, equipment and most important how to coach someone through the entire process."

Aaron and I absolutely loved the course! Mark was a fantastic guide - highly knowledgeable, a strong communicator, and friendly to have around. I also felt like we asked some fairly challenging ascending and caving questions, and he had answers every time. I was particularly impressed that despite us arriving ~50min late (we'll be on time July 6 - I promise!), Mark was happy and willing to stick around until 7:30pm to cover everything we were hoping to learn. I'd say the course exceeded my expectations, and so I'd give it a 9.5 out of 10. 

"All I can really say is WOW! On The Rocks and Leslie completely exceeded my expectations over two days of guiding and learning. I've been climbing indoors for about a year and have always wanted to get out to the real cliffs - but lacked the confidence and knowledge to explore on my own safely. Leslie is extremely knowledgeable and a great teacher - I learned multiple anchor setups and we spent the time learning when, where, and which situations each one is best for. I also learned how to sport lead, clean gear, switch over anchors, and rappel. I'm a details guy, and even with my hundreds of questions, she always had a clear, concise answer for me. After two full days of guiding I'm feeling really confident to get out and safely lead my own climbs. As if that wasn't enough Leslie is constantly providing feedback and technique tips, and even had me hand, fist, and foot jamming up an amazing crack (something totally new too me). She had me focus on reading a variety of route styles, using brains and finesse over brute strength, and pushing way past my mental limits. I would recommend On The Rocks and Leslie to any gym climber ready to get out to the real rock - you'll come away physically and mentally stronger, and with all the skills to climb safely outdoors."
     - Jeff Thibodeau - thibodeau.jeff@gmail.com

I wanted to send a note to say how pleased we were with Steve; he did a fantastic job!!

The routes he selected were perfect (challenging but doable and fun), he was professional, knowledgeable, courteous and accommodating.  The advice he gave was extremely helpful and, perhaps most importantly,  Kyra loved the experience and thought Steve was great.

I would highly recommend Steve to anybody that is interested, I could not have been happier with the outing.

"Honestly, I had no expectations, Having never been to a course for climbing or guiding I didn’t know what to expect and It was a fantastic and throughly educating experience. I wanted to learn more than I already knew about climbing from my personal experiences of climbing during the last 17 years. This course definitely taught me a lot of unvaluable information whether my path from here was to become a guide or a more  knowledgeable climber that wants to expose new people to the sport safely or help some people already in the sport see a safer way to climb."
-Mark S

"On behalf of the whole Shonk Family, we want to say a huge Thanks!! to you Mark.

What a great experience for all of us you created as we went outdoors for the first time.  You perfectly tailored the climbing to our interests and levels so that we all had fantastic climbs and great challenges.  You had an excellent knowledge of the climbs and knew just when to give a tip on where a key hold was when we got stuck.  You positively handled the kids, even when then they got scared or frustrated, and were able to motivate them to achieve even higher heights (pun intended).

We could not have had a better first experience on the rock.

Thanks again and we hope to see you again sometime!"

-The Shonk Family

"Leslie is an incredible teacher. I think she does a great job at captivating an audience and teaching to all peoples learning styles. I would recommend her to anyone.
 -Matthew S

"We both had an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G time!! We swear Mark has the patience of 9 saints. Maybe even 10. He is an amazing instructor and the spot was beautiful. 
We both thought the day was really well balanced with climbs, hikes, and breaks. Lunch was delicious as well. Really, we can't say enough about how great the day was. We both went hope slightly broken but very happy with the day and already planning our next course :-) 
Thank you so much for everything!"
-Joe Pigozzo

"We had such an amazing time with Leslie learning all about trad climbing in Joshua Tree.  Leslie has so much positive energy and is so encouraging and supportive that I felt comfortable taking those steps to my first trad lead.  I am confident with the gear placements I learned with Leslie to further develop my trad climbing abilities.   I am so glad that Leslie chose Joshua Tree for her courses this winter as it is such a beautiful place and has some fantastic climbing.   The trip far exceeded my expectations and I wouldn't hesitate to take courses or private guiding with Leslie on future trips.  Thanks again Leslie for a fantastic adventure.  I am looking forward to the next one."
                                                                     -Pia T

We had a great time! Mark was awesome, he was super nice, encouraged us to work through problems ourselves, without over facing us. He gave us lots of tools for the toolbox. I got a ton of info out of the course and feel comfortable going out to set up my own anchor systems for top roping, which was the goal. It was nice to be able to set up the course privately and cover the material we wanted at our pace. Thanks for making it easy to arrange. I would definitely take another course with you and would recommend this course to people who want to take the step to being self sufficient outside. 
-Sam Marshall

"Thanks Leslie for having us on the trad course .  We all learned so much about placing good gear and building bomber anchors.  The course really instills a lot of confidence in our leading abilities and also in the information on gear that we give to the MEC members.  You made the two days really fun and it was great to camp out at your place.  Thanks for having us."

-Susan A- MEC Burlington staff

I wanted to reach out and give a huge thank you to Mark for an awesome day on the rock. Mark did a great job of making us feel comfortable as we made the transition out of the Gym giving us good coaching and tips when needed and the occasional Beta when stuck.

We had been debating doing our anchor setting course a little closer to Toronto with another company at Rattlesnake but given the tremendous experience Mark showed us on Saturday we will be definitely booking with On The Rocks.

Once again, thank you! This was a very memorable experience and one I won’t be forgetting any time soon.

Jeremy Baynes

"It was a gorgeous and fantastic day that all of us enjoyed.
Pam was great!! Very professional, knowledgeable and careful with safety, as well as nice, encouraging and patient with the beginners.  The food was also great, and we came back home thinking in doing it again."
-Fernando Paz

"Thanks for everything Leslie!  It was an amazing weekend of climbing and learning.  I can't believe how much climbing lingo I've picked up.  I'm so glad that we could just hang out and pick up climbing knowledge from you all weekend."
- Mike S

"Thanks again. It was really fun yesterday and I feel better knowing I am doing it right. You are a great instructor Leslie. You are so good and know so much, yet you have the patience to deal with clients that are beginners and make them feel OK to ask you any questions. Thanks.  Keep teaching!"
-Danine R

"Leslie is a rock star facilitator. She modeled the Tell-Show-Do in every lesson and although she made it look easy, she was able to break it down into easy to understand steps. She could teach how to do things in a variety of ways and would make sure everyone understood before moving on. I really appreciated the effort she put into making the course so hands on and in a variety of occasions-extending herself and her equipment beyond the course hours."
-Kim B

"I have taken 2 courses that Leslie has offered.  The first being Womens Technique which I enjoyed tremendously.   The second clinic was a 2 day course for intermediate climbing techniques.  Leslie takes advantage of all kinds of rock surface to demonstrate technique.  She very clear and concise with her information.  Best of all…she’s enthusiastic, encouraging and well organized.    These clinics have really helped me to climb safer, with improved technique to conserve energy and enable me to challenge myself with harder grades of climbs."   
-Pam P

" I started rock climbing years ago with some friends. I took a course on how to set top rope anchors safely & that was a great start. After a while though, it was time to go beyond the top rope and onto sport climbing with the goal to someday do traditional climbing. Friends from the climbing gym often had different work schedules then me which made it hard to get out there. Others, I found out the hard way and I should not trust my life to. By some good fortune though I met Leslie. There could not be a person than could inspire you to climb well more than her. Never before had I felt so safe, so eager to climb. She knew exactly which climb to bring me to next.Sometimes the first clip was a critical one because a ground fall was likely, she instinctively knew this and would clip it for me. On some climbs I was so ready to wimp out and her voice encouragingly saying, "Come on Frank!" helped me finish so many climbs. I can honestly say that some of the best days of my life are the days that I climbed well, thanks to the amazing guiding skills of Leslie Timms." 
-Frank H

"I contacted Leslie thinking that it would be an opportunity for my son Timothy to actually have someone to climb hard routes with, and we weren’t disappointed.  Leslie worked 1:1 with him and was able to suggest immediate technical tips to make these hard routes easier.  The method she used was classic teaching progressions – first to describe and discuss the situation; then demonstrate and practice; then put it all together on the wall.  It worked.  It was simple, effective and a motivational experience. 

Next, Leslie’s climbing Clinic for Women with a focus on improving strength both mentally & technically caught my eye.  Her thoughtful approach in breaking down the puzzle into manageable chunks was insightful and gave each participant a feeling of success, and the determination to continue to improve.

My husband was impressed and wanted to gain the benefit of Leslie’s tutelage as well, so this time the three of us hired her for a clinic.  Disparate climbing levels in one clinic (from 5.12 through 5.8) can be challenging to deal with, but Leslie’s ability to detect and correct and offer individual suggestions for each person to push their own personal envelope shone through.  We think of her suggestions often, and use them to continue the journey to improve our technical skills and continue to climb just for the love of it.

Leslie Timms is also a most dependable team player.  Her good judgment and leadership combined with a high degree of integrity and responsibility allow me to recommend her."