Why Choose On the Rocks?

On the Rocks co-founders, Leslie Timms and Chris Pegelo

We are THE Ontario rock climbing specialists! On the Rocks offers the highest quality outdoor rock climbing courses and adventures in Ontario. If your goal is to learn about or improve in outdoor rock climbing, then you shall look no further. It is the On the Rocks mission to help climbers learn the necessary skills to safely and efficiently enjoy all styles of outdoor rock climbing, all while having an awesome time. Leslie Timms, Owner and Head Guide, is a fully accredited PCGI Lead Guide and approved PCGI Mentor, as well as an accomplished professional rock climber. On the Rocks is a collaboration of fun spirited, fully certified climbing guides that want to help climbers achieve their personal climbing goals and feel more safe and confident on the rocks. Learn from the rock masters, we are passionate about the sport and love to share our knowledge and passion with others! 

  On the Rocks is based out of Thornbury, Ontario (20 minutes from Collingwood & Meaford). The Kolapore Uplands are where most of our trips run (Metcalfe Rock, The Swamp, etc.) and we also run trips in the Milton region (Rattlesnake Point). We are open from May 1st through October, but sometimes we can squeak in some earlier/later trips and courses if weather permits. Please do not hesitate to inquire about custom locations/course times in Ontario and across North America!

OTR guides: Leslie Timms, Mark Toma and Sawyer the Husky, hanging out at the office.

All On the Rocks guides are certified by the Professional Climbing Guides Institute.

Climb with Ontario's most experienced rock climbing guide!

Leslie Timms
Owner/Head Guide
Certified PCGI Lead Guide 
PCGI Multi-Pitch Guide Course 
Approved PCGI Mentor
Certified PCGI Rescue Technician
Certified Wilderness First Responder
Professional Climber with Arc'teryx La Sportiva,Sun Ski, Sterling Rope, Flashed, Sanuk

Leslie Timms has been an aspiring guide and adventurer for most of her life. Her passion for epic adventures started with a love for whitewater canoe tripping after years of outdoor education training in high school. She was then accepted into the Outdoor Adventure Program at Algonquin College, one of the top outdoor education programs in Canada.

During her years at college she discovered rock climbing and never looked back. After graduating at the top of her class, Leslie hit the road to begin her career as a climber. Her need to grow and learn as a climber still proves to be one of her top qualities as she continually pushes herself to progress in all styles of the sport. Leslie is now recognized as one of the top female climbers in Canada, with a long list of hard onsights and redpoints of both sport and traditional style. She is a regular contributor to Gripped Magazine and has been spotted in Rock and Ice, Climbing,  Dead Point, Urban Climber, Mountain Life magazines and a feature film called by Chris Alstrin. Her love of adventure and vast landscapes has led her to some incredible destinations all over the world.

Leslie Timms climbs "Above The Clouds", a 45m 5.13b mixed climb that she established in Lions Head, Ontario.

Leslie moved to the Beaver Valley in 2009 after falling in love with the area on a short climbing trip. She is a certified PCGI Lead Guide (Professional Climbing Guide Institute is a nationally recognized certification standard in the climbing guiding industry). She is also qualified to certify other PCGI Guides across Canada and the US and runs PCGI courses for recreational climbers, aspiring guides and guiding companies. Leslie is passionate about rock climbing, the outdoors and loves to share her passion with others. Her bright personality and skills as an outdoor educator, guide and climber have all shaped to form the fun-spirited climbing guide that she is today. 

Leslie's Outdoor Climbing Accomplishments:

Redpointed sport routes up to 5.13d
Onsighted sport routes up to 5.13a
Redpointed traditional routes up to 5.13c
Onsighted traditional routes up to 5.12a
Bouldered up to V10
First Ascents: Above the Clouds 5.13b (mixed), Stratus Fear 5.12d (trad), Arrested Development 5.13a (sport), Ripple Effect 5.12c (sport), Whoopee Cushion 5.12c (sport), Stihl Your Face 5.12 (sport), Showered With Gifts 5.11c (sport), Decade 5.11a (sport).

Read more about Leslie Timms at: http://www.leslietimms.ca/ 


Chris Pegelo
Co-Founder/Local Legend
PCGI Lead Guide Course
PCGI Rescue Course

  I was born and raised in rural Creemore amidst the rolling hills, dark green forests and golden fields of south central Ontario. My brother and I had an endless playground to explore, and explore we did, wandering and wondering. I was very fortunate to have parents whose passion for travel and the outdoors was quickly passed along to my brother and I. This was definitely a catalyst for my life long pursuit for the outdoors and all the adventures it provides. Canoe tripping, long road trips, and endless bike rides on back country roads were the main stay of my youth.

It wasn't till high school, armed with a fresh new drivers license, that I discovered the true potential of the area. I joined the outdoor club at Collingwood Collegiate and met a plethora of fellow outdoor enthusiasts. One of them was kind enough to take me along to Old Baldy a beautiful limestone cliff on the Niagara Escarpment. Soon I was spending every second I could exploring my newly expanded backyard.

The mid Atlantic style of climbing practiced in Ontario at the time tested more then just brawn. Patience equipped with knowledge and of course a little courage helped adapt to the traditional and mixed routes available. Comfortable fully bolted sport routes were slowly showing up at the various crags but were few and far between. Epics and long days were around every corner. My passion quickly became my life style. After a few years of roaming around Ontario, my sights grew bigger so I hit the road, in my beer bottle brown ChevyS10. Countless months on the road and foreign travel became the norm. Facilitated by odd jobs at various construction trades, it seemed to fit my mold perfectly. Work seemed easy to come by and even easier to abandon for my next life experience. After my second winter in Mexico, sampling the long sport climbs of El Potrero I travelled up the West Coast of the United States to one of Canada's climbing meccas, Squamish British Columbia. That is where I spent two years getting seasoned on the boiler plate granite of the Stawamus Chief, learning the art of crack and slab climbing. This is also where I honed my skills for multi-pitch rock climbing. Route after route stacked on top of one another I couldn't get enough. Foray's to Yosemite Valley and the Alpine Granite of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range only heightened my experience. A couple of years passed, starting to miss family and friends I journeyed back to Ontario to put down some roots. Looking for something to sooth the void of the West Coast climbing life style, I got increasingly involved with the Ontario climbing community. New routing, retro bolting and lots of climbing and travel are still the norm, which has led me to where I am today....

Sharing my passion for rock climbing with others.

Mark Toma
Top Rope Guide
Certified PCGI Top Rope Guide 
Completed the PCGI Rescue Course
Climbing guide since 2008 

Mark has been a familiar face out at Metcalfe Rock for almost 10 years and is usually seen along side his Siberian Husky, Sawyer. After completing a career in the Canadian Army, he has since been able to focus more time on pursuits like Rock Climbing. Mark has been a full time climbing guide since 2008, and has since completed his PCGI Top Rope Guide certification, as well as the PCGI Single Pitch Guide Course and Rescue Course. He loves to challenge people to continue thinking outside of the box. Every climber has different strengths and learning styles and he believes that it is important to use their current skills to achieve personal goals while still developing their repertoire for future success. As a climber, he is still looking to improve his technique and has more recently begun to dabble in the world of traditional climbing. Mark is a unique climber in that he enjoys the technical systems used in climbing as much as the climbing itself. He is always ready to engage in a technical discussion or offer some interesting tips about the local environment. Mark is a great educator, a passionate climbing guide, and loves sharing his knowledge with others.

Pam Paylor
Top Rope Guide
Certified PCGI TRG Guide
Completed the PCGI Rescue Course
Registered Nurse

Hi I'm Pam!  I'm 1/2 Philippino and I still need sunblock.  What can I say!?  I climb sport, trad, multi-pitch, and really enjoy mountaineering and alpine climbing with crampons and ice axe.  I love it so much that I live in both Collingwood ON and Golden, BC.  I know what it's like to climb in a new area, to transition onto new rock.  My goal is to provide you with a safe and fun learning experience on the spectacular Niagara Escarpment!

Steve Andrew
Single Pitch Guide
Certified PCGI SPG Guide
Milton Region Course Provider

When I was a young lad, I was lucky enough to go rock climbing on a school trip. This chance encounter sparked a life long passion, and changed my life for the better. Since then I have used climbing to be the facet for my personal development. It has taken me around the world, to the tops of mountains, and embedded me in the hearts of cultures different than my own. In the climbing community I have found lifelong friendships. The lessons taught to me through climbing are carried with me always. Fear of heights, fear of falling, fear of failure. Overcoming and succeeding in spite of these fears is what climbing, and life, is all about. 

Now I get fulfillment from taking new climbers out. On the very same rocks where I began my journey, I get to introduce others to an activity that has given me so much. My job is to make the day as safe as possible, and to enable you to rise above fear, rise above doubt, and surprise yourself with what you're really capable of.

Safety is always our #1 priority and that is why On the Rocks strictly hires PCGI Certified Guides.